Teachers and Implementation of Standards

What happens in the classroom and the implementation of exemplary practices is the total responsibility of the teacher. The teacher is the most important factor to a student receiving a quality education. Exemplary teachers will optimize the instructional time by:  

  • teaching 100% of the curriculum to ALL students
  • having high expectations for ALL students
  • using available data to plan and differentiate instruction daily
  • developing and fostering caring relationships with their students
  • keeping parents informed of their child's progress frequently
  • setting high standards for student performance and behavior
  • maintaining a learning environment where optimal learning can take place

All teachers are working hard to implement the new Georgia Performance Standards as expected by the Georgia Department of Education. The development of the Performance Standards is the Georgia Department of Education's guarantee that the students in Georgia will be able to compete in a global society. The new state curriculum sets high standards, maintains clear expectations, and provides opportunities for ALL students to demonstrate and exhibit a deeper understanding of what they have learned in each of the content areas.

In McIntosh County all teachers are given an opportunity to participate in professional learning that provides an instructional framework for implementing the new curriculum. It is expected that ALL teachers implement the Learning Focused Schools Model to ensure that "exemplary practices" are being used daily to guarantee that ALL students understand and will be able to demonstrate mastery of the Performance Standards in all content areas. It is expected that all teachers understand, know, assess, and implement the standards.

Throughout the year benchmark assessments will be used to evaluate the progress of student's learning. The data from Pre and Post testing of the standards that will be taught each nine weeks will be used to guide the instruction and implementation of the standards. Alignment of the intended curriculum to textbooks and pacing guides will ensure that our students have maximum opportunities to achieve and demonstrate mastery of the standards.